Bubble abstraction

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Abstraction is all about perception of shapes, colours and sounds. The way they blend together in this performance from Su Chung Tai is simply beautiful. This Taiwanese "Fantasy artist" is making bubbles and manipulates them with such elegance and style, it's almost like there was no more gravity on Earth! 

His Bubbles here


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One of the coolest choreography I've seen in a long time, from a London based modern-soul band. The moves are very sleek and natural, and this energy that emerges from the collective is really a nice thing to watch!

Jungle: Busy Earnin'



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I am so obsessed by these dog heads painted on old aristocrates' portraits that I had to share this! This is the work of Thierry Poncelet, a Belgian artist whose picture on his website could make you think he is a random countryside guy with a very old-fashion taste for interior and clothes...Anyways, this guy had the genius one day to replace the boring face of an aristocrate which he was renovating the portrait, by the one of his dog! The result was so striking that he decided to apply the same idea to an other painting, with an other dog, etc. He has, since then created a huge collection of what he calls "Aristochiens" who are now reproduced on cushions and other home accessories.

You can check his work Here


The re-birth...or the end of YSL..?

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It seems the second collection of Hedi Slimane for Yves Saint Laurent (here) was directly inspired from the streets of LA, where he now lives...well, one can like the grunge style of the Californian youth without turning it into a collection for the most iconic and elegant fashion brand in the world!

Moving the Design studio to LA, re branding the name by cutting off the name Yves from Saint Laurent is one thing. It is arguable but it has to do with business, not with style. Now, re-writing the codes of a brand such as this one with this much nerves is what I call a denial!

This whole collection is so far from the sketches of St Laurent himself...see by yourself:

YSL 2013 collection vs original sketches

YSL 2013 collection vs original sketches

Pebelle - rethink tie dye

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A talented and creative artist, and friend of mine, from Vienna has developed her own Design approach of tie dye in a very free-minded interpretation of the 70's punk fashion. I met her while the idea to embrace fashion was not even born, and since then Pebelle has ran many fashion shows across Europe and her work was featured in magazines such as ELLE, UK..!

Here is her website.


On Typography

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I don’t think that type should be expressive at all. I can write the word ‘dog’ with any typeface & it doesn’t have to look like a dog. But there are people that think when they write ‘dog’ it should bark.
— Massimo Vignelli

He has also famously said that there are way too many typefaces in the world and that there are only about a dozen worth using.